Peppermint Eucalyptus Soap / Shampoo Bar

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This natural soap is made with peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils to awaken the senses while cleansing and nourishing your skin!   Our Peppermint Eucalyptus soap is also an excellent shampoo bar suitable for all hair types!

  • Recommended for dry, normal, combination and oily skin types


Ingredients:  olive oil, water, coconut oil, lye*, castor oil, organic cocoa butter, peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils

*no lye remains in finished product

How to care for handmade soaps: Our handmade soap and shampoo bars naturally contain a high amount of glycerin which attracts moisture. While this is great for your skin, it’s not so great for the life of your soap because it will break down rapidly if left in moisture. Extend the life of your soaps and shampoo bars by allowing them to dry in between uses. A Cedar Soap Dish or Sisal Soap Pouch are great ways to preserve your soap. The Sisal Soap Pouch also doubles as a skin exfoliator!

Net wt. 4 oz